HANDSON:A creative platform made for Art

Our philosophy
To create a new experience and encounter centering on art culture and to provide more people with an enriched experience with art.

Our business
We plan and create business contents with the aim of spreading artistic activities and creating new possibilities. Our belief is that there are universal values in the highly integrated experience within art culture and we develop, create, and transmit such values.
Business Contents

Producing, concept making, direction,
consulting, program building

Realization of plans, management, designing
Our Approach
Emergent Arts Platform "EAP"

We believe that networking on a platform featuring interdisciplinary individual creative activities and helping individuals to interact with one another in a highly united, coherent, and integrated way to achieve common or shared goals can lead to new action with emergent effects.

Art can fall into the fate of fragmentation at various levels if one simply follows the trend of seeking out the aesthetics and originalities within. Meanwhile, it is difficult to respond to the upper system such as the diversity of communities and cultural styles today that is larger and more complex than the parallel system made up of such fragmentations in the form of individual artists and organizations. Artists today need a free platform with which they can overcome the aporia of this fragmentation, so that they can create high-dimensional works in quality that can appeal to many people throughout the epochs.

The merits of "EAP"
・ Panoramic structural changes and creation can be induced using cross-validation/correlation by cross-category groups.
・ Emergent synthesis can be created by having several art projects as the goal and by sharing the environment.
・ Possible universal values can be recognized through verifying the common subjective values by co‐creation.

Company Brochure
Yohei Asaoka … Producer / Art Director
received both Master's Degrees from The Juilliard School and Tokyo University of the Arts
Naoki Tei … Business Architect
received Bachelor's degree from Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering Undergraduate School of Architecture